United States
Kuo Shu Federation
Welcome to the U.S.K.S.F. Online.
The United States Kuo Shu Federation (U.S.K.S.F.) is a rapidly growing non-profit organization, which promotes friendship, unity, physical fitness, harmony, martial ethics, and peace in the United States through the principles of Kuo Shu.

Martial arts instructors from across the United States govern the U.S.K.S.F. through service on the U.S.K.S.F. Executive Committee. Any Chinese martial arts enthusiast or martial arts school may join the U.S.K.S.F. as a member. The U.S.K.S.F. is itself a member of The World Kuo Shu Federation (T.W.K.S.F.) and is active in supporting T.W.K.S.F. events on an international basis.

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